Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rod Mcintosh


I recently found out about the work of Artist Rod Mcintosh through a friend and was interested to find out more about his work. Rod lives and works in rural Kent, where his studio is based and he also works as a creative industries consultant in London. Rod creates vibrant paintings using bold colour and mark making and he has kindly sent me some images here of his studio and making processes.

Rod has an exciting exhibition coming up in London where he will be showing his work with Fleur Deakin called 'NOHO ARTISTS'
"One of our rationales for the show was to make connections with the locations in which we work and live and through a DIY approach to create opportunities that takes our work to a new audience. As I live between Kent and Soho, and have been fortunate to embed myself within Kent through events like South East Open Studios and building a network of artists, arts organisations and galleries across the region through virtual (twittersphere) and realtime meetings, I felt it time to look towards the other place I inhabit."
For more information about Rod and Fleur and NOHO ARTISTS please read on!

NOHO ARTISTS – It’s all happening north of Soho

2nd - 5th December 2012
NOHO ARTISTS is a ‘pop up exhibition’ across two domestic venues. Linking two points within the heart of the west end of London. They are the live/work spaces of artists Fleur Deakin and Rod McIntosh. Making a north : south connection between Noho where Deakin is well placed within a bright 4th floor rooftop studio apartment overlooking a gated garden and Soho, where McIntosh lives within an urban epicentre of constant cycle of change, decay and renewal.
Deakin has been producing and selling floral paintings nationally for 10 years. Questions such as “why am I painting flowers when I live in the centre of London?”, “where do I belong?” and “is there a creative community near me that I can be part of?”.
Both artists exhibited at art fairs in 2011, where they met sipping champagne and discovered they live 10 minutes from each other. Here they to began to make connections other than simply geography. Attracted to each other’s work, charisma and drive they embarked upon working towards how they may work together or support each other’s development. This is this first collaborative exhibition, a further project is in the pipeline for the Soho:Noho pair in early 2013.
Each will select a piece of the others work to show within their space alongside their own. Furthering a connection between practices. An essay written by Crista Cloutier* about each other and their work will accompany the exhibition.
Private View Saturday 1st December, 6.30-8.30pm. By invitation.
Open House Sunday 2nd December, 11.00am – 5.00pm. By invitation.
Show Continues Monday 3rd – Wednesday 5th December. By appointment.
Location: W1W 5DL and WC2H 0LA
It is a 10 minute walk between the two sites, passing by many of the neighbourhood art galleries, leading creative industry hubs and premiere leisure/hospitality venues of Charlotte Street and Soho Square.
Artists websites: www.fleursart.co.uk               www.rodmcintosh.co.uk
*Crista Cloutier has been actively involved in the contemporary art world throughout her career, she works internationally as a writer, artist, playwright, and educator.
For an invitation to the exhibition, or to make an appointment visit www.nohoartists.co.uk

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